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I did it for love
Now I hate you
It hurts so bad
I want it all to end
I hurt myself
Over loving you
I want you to die
You wrecked my life
You took away
What was precious to me
You want me back?
You just want me on the shelf
For when your new life
Falls apart
You never loved me
You just lied to me
Used me
Abused me
Broke me
I'm finally whole again
And you want to ruin it
I won't let you
You had your chance
Now its time for you to leave
I never want to see you again
You are nothing to me
I sacrificed so much for you
You just threw it in my face
Now you try to force yourself upon me?
You are a low, sick being
I will not bow to you no longer
Your hold over me is gone
Its over
Its BEEN over
Now you're the one
Thats living a LIE
This is how my ex made me feel. I'm happy now and he can't accept that fact. 
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August 11, 2014
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